Spiral Duct Manufacturers

Spiral Duct Manufacturers

We manufacture spiral duct, in house, to the highest specification using our tube former.

Get in touch to make a technical inquiry regarding spiral duct. Off the shelf availability for standard requirements.

Why Spiral Ducts?

  • Fast order processing
  • Custom lengths from 1.2m to 6.0m
  • Custom and special diameters
  • Special materials, including      stainless steel  
  • Lower fan energy use
  • Attractive appearance

Where Can Spiral Duct Be Used?

  •   HAVC applications
  • Grain handling and material conveyance
  • Duct removal and fume exhaust
  • Architectural applications

Full comprehensive stock of fittings include:

  • Bends 
  • Joiners
  • Hangers
  • Reducers
  • Saddles and branches
  • Accessories

Get in Touch

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